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On The Menu

Strandloper Street, Paternoster, Western Cape

Let’s start here

Bread Basket (4 homemade rolls served with herb butter)
Calamari Strips (dusted with spiced flour, deep-fried)
Mussels (8 mussels in a creamy garlic sauce)
Panko Prawns (6 Panko prawns deep-fried till gold brown)
Smoked Snoek Samoosas (6 served with our secret sauce)
Snack Platter (2 oysters,2 samoosas,2 panko prawns, 4 creamy garlic mussels & 100g calamari)
Fresh Saldanha Bay Oysters
Snails (6 served in a creamy garlic or garlic butter)
Greek Salad
Veg of the day (side dish)
Soup of the day (please ask waitron for selection)


Calamari Strips (dusted with spiced flour, deep-fried)
Fish of the day (dusted with spiced flour and grilled)
Hake & Calamari Combo (200g hake and 100g calamari)
Panko Prawn & Calamari Combo (6 panko prawns & 200g calamari)
Prawns (grilled with a choice of peri-peri or lemon butter)
Seafood Platter (4 prawns, 8 creamy garlic mussels, 100g Hake,100g Calamari & 4 smoked snoek samoosas)
Surf & Turf (125g beef fillet topped with smoked mussel sauce, 4 prawns, and 100g calamari)
Seafood Curry (tomato-based sauce, basmati rice & sambles)
Vegetable Curry (tomato based curry & mixed veg)
Chicken Strips (250g,dusted with spiced flour, deep fried)
Voorstrandt Burger (180g pure beef, grilled to order)
Beef Fillet (225g grilled to order)



Bake of the day
Cake of the day
Waffles (served with cream or ice-cream)
Trio Ice-Cream (3 scoops and sauce)

Little Shrimps (Strictly 10 years and under)

Juices and Iced-tea
Kiddies hot chocolate
Kiddies Ice-Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Kiddies Milkshakes:
lime, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, hazelnut, banana, or bubblegum
Kiddies Calamari Strips
(125g lightly dusted with spiced flour and deep-fried)
Kiddies Chicken Strips (125g lightly dusted with spiced flour and deep-fried)
Kiddies Panko Prawns (3 Prawns, deep-fried until golden brown)

All dishes are prepared from fresh.
Waiting period can take up to 45 minutes for main meals and well-done meat.

*Please note that the food prepared in our kitchens in which Seafood, Nuts, and Flour are handled. Please advise your waitron of any allergies PRIOR to placing their order. Clients will be levied the full cost should they advise the waiter after staff commenced with the preparation thereof.

A service fee of 10% will be added to all groups of 8 or more